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Miss Murray's Entry for February 12

Have we been re-located for third time? I am certain that I went to my bed yesterday and that the building I was in was a museum but this place is an extensive vine garden that it would be a nice visit spot if I was wearing other garments than a nightgown. Nmnm.

There are voices ahead; I can distinguish a beautiful villa. It looks as taken from the Elysium Gardens, or how I imagine that mythical place to be. I will approach the place to ask for directions, it is embarrassing to not know the geography of this place.

Addendum, minutes after the first transmission: What a disgusting sight! The voices were coquettish giggles and moans. I’m trapped in a countryside version of Miss Coote’s private school of debauchery. Those women all fawning to that man who lords over them. How do they addressed him as? It be damned if I ask them anything about my whereabouts, but I see nothing but this house in miles.

Addendum the Second: I have been discovered. This is... impossible why would I awake in Hell? That man is called Asmodeus. Good Heavens, if he tries anything-

[Connection lost]

Miss Murray's Entry for February 8

Unacceptable childish behaviour! To think you must play with your own son in the moments of crisis like these! We are all doing efforts to cope with the distance and the trouble each zone is facing whilst you must become a further hindrance! I pray that what Mrs. Harker told me is nothing but unfound suspicion, as small the hope is that.

If you have a shred of goodness, answer this and dispel my doubts.

Edward? Doctor Jekyll? I have no heard a word from you two since ages. Are you both in well condition? It is… the most unpleasant circumstances that both are in Hell but there is still hope that your treatment is less severe than what one would expect.

Private to HaydeeCollapse )

Miss Murray's Entry for February 3

The force that has misplaced us has, also, become a barrier that separates me from the friends I cherish. It is very inconvenient to abandon Doctor Jekyll and Edward in their moment of greatest need. They have been separated, for God’s sake, that is impossible but has occurred! The news about Vlad and his son, D, were grim indeed. I won’t be used as an excuse for violence, Mr. Dracula. Know that very well. If you are disgraceful in your need to destroy, don’t involve my will in your goals!

If we trust what the new “Adam” transmitted, we are at the extreme north of this singular world. The layout and company ranges to pleasant but ordinary. Gone are all the traces of magical or singular inventions of science, it becomes evident in our welcome to this area: the white fountain has nude sculptures of men and women lacking any visible fantastic trait.

It should be a relief but the lack of the extraordinary makes our existences duller, in a regrettable way.

We have two Avatars in command, a pair instead of one. Perhaps the decision is wise, our numbers surpass the other areas with ease (an educated guess of my own). Have the gentlemen introduced themselves? Most of them have been unusually quiet to administrate and rule us.

The darkness and monsters have been banished, that alone is a blessing in this hour of despair.

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Miss Murray's Entry for January 20

G-Good Heavens, it seems the weather has gotten me slightly ill after Thursday evening stroll in the Entertainment District. Please excuse me from my silence, Edward (you too, dear Doctor Jekyll). It is a great relief I didn’t catch a cold or something worse! Tomorrow I hope I will return to be a high spirited woman.

Have the Avatars been dismissed of their charges? How unusual. A matter that must be investigate, but I am not Sherlock Holmes or his brother. Who is taking care of the city then? I was foolishly looking forward become part of the noble educative system. An idea born of nostalgia from my times as music teacher before my menagerie (whilst I prefer being an adventurer, a simple school mistress isn’t a dreadful perspective).

When the situation is clear, I shall be happy to offer my services once more.

Private to Dracula. Hackable because she’s a Victorian womanCollapse )

Miss Murray's Entry for December 30

Merry, bloody Christmas. Good Heavens, I can barely grasp how could that wretched castle be a suitable place to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, but it strangely was…

The snow keeps falling and there aren't traces of sunlight. As if was just a dream. That is how the sun feels to me nowadays. Certain members of the citizenship would be pleased by the lack of natural warmth, but the gloominess is putting a damper in my festive spirit.

In the darkness, I think of my past - the good and the bad - and I notice perplexed that some pieces fragmented while others are completely gone. That troubles me. My memory is above average but I still can’t recall every smell, all feelings and each sound of my childhood. The past is important to escape so easily from within me. Those who live longer than a human life must encounter a challenge ahead: remember faces, tears, smiles. And to lose them, means to lose part of what we really are and how we came to be this way.

Nmmn. Watching the snow falling has me in a thoughtful mood. Forgive the unwanted musings. Happy holidays.

((OOC: Mina was unsubtly speaking about VHD’s Dracula and probably Lacroix too. We need to have her give him his gift, Ary.)).

Miss Murray's Entry for December 20

It surely feels good to return to a familiar home. The museum has its own extraordinary and endless supply of wanders, safer than those in Castlevania. “Count” Matthias, I extend my thanks for being a commendable host and admit Edward under your roof as well. I must warn that dear Mr. Hyde will look forward visit your… maid very soon. I didn’t catch the lady’s name.

It’s still snowing… We will have white Christmas with this weather, framed by the Aurora borealis, that’s magnificent.

D, I left you a pot with warm tea on your nightstand. I believe your mix shall taste better in English Earl Grey. Give a sip to Mister LH. The poor fellow deserves it after taking care of you so well.

Nmnm. Miss Galen, I am at your disposal.

Miss Murray's Journal Entry for December 9

My brief visit to the… haunted Castle at the East would be longer than I anticipated. Forgive my lack of compromise, Miss Galen. It is certainly rude of me to have invited you and shortly tell you that I am unavailable for your investigation. Scholastic subjects, as much as I love them, shall take second place in my priorities.

I felt obligated to inform you this and to add a note of relief. I shan’t be kept occupied too long. He is a fast healer.

Forgive me, Doctor Jekyll. I… I shouldn’t have insisted you to join me.

I would like to have a word with the father. Not in quality of “mother” of any sort ( I know I have no claim over his maternity. I don’t presume to hold it either) but as someone with real experience in teaching and the educative field.

There is a clear line between brutalising your child and teaching him a rough lesson of life (as the men do enjoy naming these types of activities). You have crossed it.

Miss Murray's Journal Entry for December 7

T-this world fixation in collecting him shall be the death of me very soon. I pray the latest one would keep himself far from my presence and those I love.

The crisp air and lack of sunlight have affected my health. Miss Galen, I encourage you to visit me before the cold develops further. I would rather be in good shape to aid any scholastic interest of your preference.

Private. Hackable because she's from the XIX centuryCollapse )
Oh dear me. It appears Edward has grown restless after the creatures’ disappearances. I-I pray for his well being that he could choose his targets wisely.

The last day I am able to call eternal night, and is snowing! What a refreshing change of landscape in Vertere. Imagine awake with the sun melting the white mantle and the crisp of the cold slowly fading into warmth.

The city looks peaceful, almost slumbering. This fatigue spreading amongst the citizens sounds troublesome. Has anyone discerned the source of what ail these poor people? My medical knowledge is limited to first aid and home-made syrups but good Doctor Jekyll would be happy to aid as soon he awakes.

Private. Note to Doctor JekyllCollapse )